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Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Language Studies (Chinese International Education Direction, Broadcast television news, business English, English education, legal science, business management, project management, convention economy and management,, Education, Applied Psychology, Civil Engineering, Engineering Cost, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Technology (Software Engineering), Information and Computer Science, Physics, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Educational Technology (visual media technology), chemistry, environmental science, biotechnology, biological sciences, landscape art, Physical education, music, dance, art design, fine arts, animation art, Business Administration (International Business), tourism and hospitality management.

Recommended Professional and categories: Chinese International Education, business management, Radio and Television Editing, biotechnology, art design, tourism and hospitality management, Computer Science and Technology, Broadcast television news, Electronic Information Science and Technology,. physical education, music, dance, art design, fine arts, animation art.

Note: all the Professional and categories are available for international students.