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International Studies School of the University of Arts and Sciences was planned to be built in 2008 and formally established in 2010. In the past eight years since its establishment, through the unceasing efforts and innovation of the school staff and  students, the school has made great achievemnts in many aspects such as internationalcooperation and exchange, the scale of inroolment of international students, study abroad service,international studetns cultivation and innovative management.

In recent years, International Studies School has established the education cooperation with more than ten foreign universities, such as:Russia Ivanovo Chemical University, Russian International Children School,Auburn University of USA, Taylor University of Malaysia, Art Institute of Sabah in Malaysia, Italian Perugia University, Poland Administration University, Indonesia Surabaya Technology and Business School, Thailand Ubon Ratchathani Royal University and Hanoi University in Vietnam. We also developed many projects in exchanging teachers and students, “2+2 College to University Program”, “3+1+1 University to Master Program”and internship program between Thailand and China.

The enrollment of new foreign students reached a high level this year. Until the October this year, we has enrolled more than 90 foreign students, with total number more than 140 students.In recent 8 years, 200 foreign students are cultivated here. These students were from more than 20 countries,such as the United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Kazakhstan, Togo, Kenya and etc, with more than 8 majors in business Chinese, international education, Chinese language and literature, Chinese Radio and television director, business management, tourism management, art design and physical education.

In May 2015, Study Abroad Service Center of Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences was established. By the end of 2015, together with Russian Language and Culture Center established earlier, this center has carried out language training for dozens of Chinese students studying abroad and offered studying abroad services for Chinese students to Russia, the United States, Malaysia and other countries.

Since 2012, we already trained 35 undergraduates, 59 people for Chinese training, and more than 100 people for short-term exchanging. There are 3 foreign students successfully admitted to the Wuhan University, Jilin University, Southwestern University and etc. Many students participate in the “Chinese Bridge Competition”and culture and Art Festival in Chongqing to get good results,showing international education strength in our school.

In recent years, our school students continue to expand the scale. In order to help foreign students to improve their Chinese level and professional level, we gradually implement the “double tutor system” and “double One to One system”and “four class management mode” for foreign students. It is proved by practice that this management system is effective. 

In January 2016, International Studies School and Cultural Heritage College merged and the strength doubled. As a result, International Studies School/Cultural Heritage College has become one of the the youngest vibrant colleges in Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences  with more than 20 professors, associate professors, PhDs, masters and over 100 students. We firmly hold the belief that as long as we work hard and forge ahead with determination, International Studies School of Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences will become one of the most distinctive international schools in Chongqing and even in southwestern region of China.